This interactive installation is a conversation about our values. Informatics faculty were asked to describe an aspiration that drives their research and teaching. We now invite you, the Informatics community, to consider these statements and tie together the ones that capture your imagination. Together, we’re creating a dynamic web that speaks to who we are and where we’re headed.

STEP 1: Read all the statements. Pick some that move you. 3-5 is a good number.

STEP 2: Pick up the spool.

STEP 3: Release the spool by turning the small dial counter-clockwise.

STEP 4: Pull the string taut and wrap it around the knobs associated with your chosen statements. Wrap clockwise, going around each knob at least one turn. (If in doubt, wrap it again. Try to keep the string taut throughout.)

STEP 5: Wrap the last knob 3-4 times. This will keep the string from coming loose.

STEP 6: Lock the spool by turning the small dial clockwise.

You’re done! Thank you for taking part.