I am a Canadian artist and designer based in Southern California. I explore the architectures we construct—from buildings to landscapes to virtual worlds—through objects and images made with digital visualization and fabrication technologies. My interactive Marching Cubes performances and installations (2016—present) have been featured in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Mexico City, Stockholm, and Tehran. Other major projects and exhibitions include Suburban Ecologies (Great Park Gallery, 2020), Skip Stop (2019), Radiant City (2014). Automatic/Revisited (2013), Figure Ground (Gladstone Gallery, 2011), and West Lodge (Convenience Gallery, 2009). Pari Nadimi Gallery in Toronto, Canada has represented my creative practice since 2013.

Originally trained as an architect and engineer, I work across disciplines and have pursued intensive collaborations with urbanists, designers, humanists, poets, anthropologists, and neuroscientists, among others. In 2016, with Roderick Grant and Patricio Davila, I edited Urban Ecologies 2013, which examined the impact of emerging categories of research and practice that are shaping the future of cities. In 2013, with Greg Sims, I curated Making it Real, one of the first international exhibitions of digitally fabricated objects. Since 2009, I have regularly produced creative work with Toronto-based artist Tori Foster. I have been a UCI Beall Applied Innovation Faculty Innovation Fellow, a Hellman Fellow at the University of California, and a Howarth-Wright Fellow at the University of Toronto.

I teach at the University of California, Irvine, where I am a professor in the Department of Art, the Associate Dean, Research and Innovation for the Claire Trevor School of the Arts, and the Executive Director of the Beall Center for Art + Technology. I taught previously at OCAD University, Ryerson University, and the University of Toronto.